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From Pacific to Indian Ocean

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Here is a selection of the underwater photos that Tanguy Philippart shot
from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean, from 2003 till 2007,
in diving locations such as the Maldives, Zanzibar, Indonesia and Micronesia.

tanguy-0117.jpg tanguy-0255.jpg tanguy-0387.jpg tanguy-0657.jpg
tanguy-0693.jpg tanguy-0798.jpg tanguy-0926.jpg tanguy-1053.jpg
tanguy-1074.jpg tanguy-1077.jpg tanguy-1079.jpg tanguy-1090.jpg
tanguy-1105.jpg tanguy-1123.jpg tanguy-1159.jpg tanguy-5516.jpg
tanguy-maldives-188.jpg tanguy-maldives-266.jpg tanguy-maldives-341.jpg tanguy-maldives-370.jpg

All photos were shot with a Sony Cybershot DSC-p8 (3,2 Mo) + dedicated marine pack.
Extra lighting : Sony hlv-ml 20m and Hartenberger spot light (continuous).

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